Medical Billing Certification


By joining Advanced Technical Career College, you become a valued member of the esteemed community of certified Medical Billing Professionals.

Become a certified medical biller with the ATCC Medical Billing Certification and raise your earning potential manifold while making the most of the boom in the healthcare industry.

Get familiar with the medical terminology and procedures commonly used in the medical billing profession. Understand how health insurance works and medical claims are processed. Learn how to use medical billing software, avoid billing errors, and deal with claim disputes. Sign up for this comprehensive program

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About The Medical Billing Certification

Whether you want to work in a formal healthcare setting or from home, the Online Medical Billing Course is the right option for you. Even if you have already worked as a medical biller, you could still take this Medical Billing course to get formally certified and improve your salary prospects.

As a medical biller, you will not only be concerned with submitting bills to insurance companies, but also with following up with insurance companies and dealing with claim disputes, apart from maintaining patient records. This online Medical Billing course will cover all of a medical biller’s responsibilities, medical terminology and procedures, different health insurance plans, and a whole lot of important medical billing concepts and procedures in detail.

Why Get Certified?

While it is not mandatory to be certified, it is certainly very beneficial for job and work prospects. Showing that you have been certified gives confidence to clients and hiring managers that you possess the essential knowledge and skills to get the job done.

This certification comes with everything you need including an in-depth online courseware with plenty of examples and expert tips. The course usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete, after which you can take the online test from your own device. You receive an online transcript as well as a hard copy certificate delivered at your physical address. We also provide highly responsive feedback to hundreds of employee verification requests annually. Taking this certification could be the smartest move for your career.


  • Introduction to Courseware
  • About The Author
  • How to Get Started as a Medical Biller and Coder
  • The Ethical and Legal Side of Medical Billing
  • Medical Terminology and Procedures to Know
  • What to Expect In A Medical Office
  • Understanding Diagnostic Procedures
  • Understanding Procedural Coding
  • The Health Insurance Game
  • Processing Medical Claims
  • How to Avoid Billing Errors
  • Dealing with Claim Disputes
  • Using Medical Billing Software
  • Finding Work
  • The Final Certification Test

According to the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), medical billers make an average salary of $47,200 per year. At $60,097 per year, certified billing specialists earn considerably more than their non-certified counterparts. Other factors that determine an individual’s earning potential are specialization, location, type of workplace, and experience.

Among the top industries where medical billers work are government agencies; state, local, and private general medical and surgical hospitals; administrative and support services; outpatient care centers; and offices of physicians.

Career Prospects for Medical Billers

  1. Growing Demand: With the expansion of the healthcare industry, there is an increasing demand for skilled medical billers to ensure accurate billing and reimbursement processes.
  2. Job Security: Medical billing is a critical function within healthcare organizations, providing professionals in this field with stable employment opportunities.
  3. Diverse Work Settings: Medical billers can work in various healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, insurance companies, and healthcare consulting firms, offering flexibility in career paths.
  4. Remote Work Opportunities: Many medical billing positions offer the option for remote work, allowing professionals to work from home or other locations, providing flexibility in work schedules.
  5. Career Advancement: Medical billers can advance their careers by obtaining additional certifications, specializing in specific areas such as coding or compliance, or pursuing higher education in healthcare administration or related fields.
  6. Competitive Salaries: Salaries for medical billers are competitive, and experienced professionals with specialized knowledge or certifications often command higher pay.
  7. Opportunities for Specialization: Medical billers can specialize in areas such as insurance billing, government billing, coding, or revenue cycle management, enhancing their expertise and marketability.
  8. Entry-Level Opportunities: Medical billing can serve as a starting point for entry into the healthcare industry, with opportunities for advancement into management or administrative roles.

Overall, the field of medical billing offers promising career prospects with opportunities for growth, advancement, and job satisfaction in the dynamic healthcare industry.



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