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We place seasonal workers from around the world in certified, legal, approved jobs in the US via the following programs: H-2A and H-2B visa

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About Us

Who we are?

We are a Global Recruitment & Placement Agency. Advanced Global Staffing facilitates all necessary paperwork for US Employers to legally hire seasonal H2A (Agriculture) and H2B (NonAg) visa workers as well as recruit experienced, screened H2A and H2B foreign workers from various countries.

AGS provides seasonal opportunities to foreign workers currently in the US and abroad. We have extensive first-hand experience of all the intricate nuances of working with US Employers to obtain timely certifications to employ seasonal foreign workers as well as a sourcing and matching suitable foreign workers with US Employers


What we do?

Advanced Global Staffing, Inc serves as the link between US Employers and workers from Haiti, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Guatemala, Canada, France, Honduras, Colombia, Jamaica, Mauritius, Chili, Mexico, Belgium, Grenada, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru, Argentina, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Madagascar, Philippines, Nicaragua, South Africa, Mexico. Seasonal work in the United States provides many skilled, unskilled workers and students with the opportunity to obtain work abroad. There are opportunities available in a variety of industries like agriculture, tourism, construction, and manufacturing, health, transportation

Advanced Global Staffing, Inc have offices in different countries and in the US. Our services include recruitment of candidates for seasonal employment, matching workers with US employers, facilitating the process of interviewing candidates, running background checks, medical tests, and police clearance on all applicants. We assist candidates throughout the entire process from matching with US employer, securing job offers, navigate through visa application procedures every step of the way. Advance Global Staffing, Inc assist with travel arrangements, obtaining health insurance and remains in contact with workers for the duration of their stay in the US until safe return to your home country.

Our partnership

We partner with businesses in plastic products, medical devices, automobiles and parts, microelectronics, food, and more to create unique solutions that recruit, train, and upskill their workforce to meet the growing manufacturing worker shortage Areas of Specialization


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Our leadership team at AGS has nearly 20 years of combined experience in H-2 processing. We have seen every situation, roadblock and victory in this industry. We are in the middle of every political, legislative and industry discussion and forum for these visa programs. We strive to cut through the red tape of H-2A, H-2B guest worker programs to make it easier for candidate like you to hire as a temporary foreign labor worker.

Pierre R

"I had an amazing experience with Advanced Global Staffing, Inc. I absolutely recommend their service to anyone who has H-2A or H2-B worker Visas issues. We were super happy with the experience with a great team from my visa source . I am really thankful for Daniela Last think is to add this link

Rebecca G

"This is the first person I’ve been seeking answers from and got all the answers they gave me time and i got call on time. I will prefer everyone to get in touch with them regarding questions about immigration they didn’t even charged me to talk.

Ranjitha P

"I had an amazing experience with My AGS. I absolutely recommend their service to anyone who has immigration issues. The manpower of this company is immensely awesome and they are extremely attentive and enlightened.

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